Monday, April 9, 2012

Its over!

I HATE Mondays!  I'm so glad its over!  Now only 4 days of work until the weekend!  I start getting grouchy late Sunday afternoon because I know Mondays just around the corner.  Monday is my worst day of the week at work.  I work as a customer service rep. and Monday is so busy and everyone wants everything yesterday!
Tuesday is a BIG catch up day for me and the Wednesday and Thursday are business as usual but Friday,  just drags because I know the weekend is just around the corner.  I LOVE Saturday mornings!  My dogs wake me up rather early sometime between 5-6a.m. to go out and you better believe they don't let me crawl back in bed until I feed them.  And then they are good because they crawl back in their beds for another 2-3 hours of sleep too!  Saturday mornings are so relaxing, its just starting to get light outside, sometimes I just sit with the dogs and enjoy the beginning of the day!  LOVE Saturday mornings!   By about 4p.m., I'm starting to think just one more day and it will be Monday, then I say to myself STOP and enjoy the next 24 hours because there all yours!

Look what I bought two boxes of Gladiolus Bulbs, 16 bulbs total.  In a couple of weeks, it will be the perfect time for me to plant them.  I planted some Gladiolus bulbs about 13 years ago and had great luck with them.  I hope these bulbs will be just as lucky!

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