Saturday, April 14, 2012


Its finally here and its just about over!  Saturday is my favorite day of the week!  Started off by the dogs waking me at 6:45a.m. to go outside, so took them out, fed them and the cats and got dressed.  Did 2 loads of laundry and was able to empty to dishwasher before my 9a.m. hair cut.  Came back home and made breakfast for me and my husband and then off to the eye glass store.  My hubby picked up his new glasses today.  Went back home and mowed the lawn, got one of my flower beds cleaned up for the season and I was able to start assembling my new grill that's been sitting in the box for about 4 weeks.  I got it 75% assembled and at 7:30p.m. decided to call it a night.  Took my shower and both my dogs are sound asleep.  Today was a big day for them being outside almost all day..  Here's a couple of picture of my weeping cherry tree.  One is the good side and the other not so good.  The October 2011, snow storm broke come branches off.

Good Side

Bad side

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