Saturday, April 7, 2012

Remember Me!

Hi Everyone!  Boy, I haven't posted since December 2011.  I guess I'll start by saying Happy New Year!  I've been so busy I didn't have time to blog!  I decided to take a break and let you know what I've been up to.  Well, Spring is here and I started working working in my yard today.  My Tulips are up and starting to bloom!  My fence in front of my shed fell apart over the weekend so I installed a new little fence.  I also was able to clean one of my many flower gardens.  I've included pictures of both.  I promise to post more pictures soon, including pictures of my current stitch project.  Have a happy day!

See my little white fence

First flower bed read to grow!



Miss LindaLee said...

So glad to see a post from you Debbie. Your little shed and garden is looking mighty fine. Don't you just love spring?

Debbie said...

I sure do love spring except for all the pollen!