Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Bye!

This evening at 5:35p.m. our 13 year old cat Teddy passed away.  He had an uncertain start in life.  When he was about a year old he was thrown out of a car window at my husbands place of employment.  My husband called me up and said I have a surprise for you bring the cat carry.  We had twelve wonderful years with Ted.  He loved the outdoors.  We was a wonderful hunter.  About 2 years ago he went blind, so he became an indoor cat.  He adjusted well to his life of darkness.  We promised him we would not move the furniture around but he would have to find his way around the dogs and other cats and he did.  He loved to sleep in an open window.  Every morning before I left for work we would go out on the porch and I would open his favorite window for him and every evening when I returned from work, I would pull in the driveway and find him in "HIS" window.  Every night he would sleep on my pillow.  It was wonderful in the winter because he kept my head warm.  Ted was the type of cat that all you had to do was pet him and he would start purring!  Rest in peace, Teddy!

Teddy with his favorite scratching post. 


Kaisievic said...

Oh, so sorry to hear of Ted's passing but it sounds like he had a wonderful life with you. We lost our Coco last year after 16 great years with her - she was a cameo tortoiseshell and she was a really smart cat.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

XSLaura said...

so sorry to hear about your fur baby passing. It is so hard to lose a member of the family.p

Debbie said...

Kaye and Laura,
Thanks for you kind words. I think of my animals as family members.