Thursday, September 1, 2011

Come and Celebrate with me!

Hi everyone.  I know I haven't been posting lately but that's because I have been stitching a Christmas present for my Mom.  Now I know that Mom follows this blog (Hi, Mom), so I just couldn't post a picture of my wip!  Don't worry it won't be long know until I'm finished and start my next project, which I will be able to post for all to see.

Another year has past so yep you guessed it I'm another year older, it my Birthday!  Had beautiful weather today.   My hubby sent me flowers that are just gorgeous, see them pictured below.  The girls at work got together and bought me a hot fudge chocolate cake and boy was it good.  They also gave me the cutest card!

Hubby feeling under the weather today, he came home early from work sick.  So tomorrow  we will enjoy dinner from Tony and Penny's .  Even better we have a gift certificate to take care of this! :o)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my birthday with me.

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Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Happy Stitchy Birthday, beautiful flowers, enjoy your dinner!