Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hi,  I know its been a couple of weeks since I posted.  I've been so busy.  But that will change this week as the company I work for is shut down for the week.  As you can see from this picture I'm very happy about this.  I've made a huge list of things to  get done that I just haven't been able to complete.  Let me start by telling you what I did last Saturday.

I went to Life's Memories and More.  They were having a craft supply tag sale.  I got some great bargins on cross stitch supplies.  I got 3 bread cloths for $1.00 each, some pretty plumb color Aida for $1.00, an exacto knife with extra blades for $1.00 and a huge spool of the cutiest Easter ribbon for .50 cents.  Then off I went to  Bush Mountain Stitchery and Faming.  They were having a sidewalk sale!  I got some wonderful deals!  I got 3 small and 1 medium tuck pillows, a tye died piece of Aida, a bright blue Aida and several charts.  My favorite is by Just Nan called Flakes.  They had a model of it stitched and framed in the store and I just had to have it.  I can't wait to start stitching it but I have to finish my current project first.

So today being the first day of my vacation, the sun was shining and there was a nice breeze.  We had mulch delivered from my flower beds and gardens.  I worked on weeding the last two beds, but I was only able to finish 1-1/2 of them today.  I plan on finishing them tomorrow and then start spreading the mulch.  I was able to clean my upstairs, change the bed and find time to post to my blog.  So my first day of vacation was wonderful.  I hope tomorrow is just as good!  Got to go now, its time to bbq the chicken.  Yum!

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