Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy Saturday

Hi Everyone,

What a busy Saturday I had.  Was up and out in the yard by 9:30a.m.  Started by digging up trees and bushes that didn't make the winter.  Then I gassed up the lawn mower and tractor.  By that time my husband was calling me in for breakfast.  Boy was I ready to eat.  I was in the house about an hour, eating, doing laundry and then went back out and mowed the lawn.  When that was finish it was time to start on the flower beds.  I started with the bed on the side of my garage.  This one is one of my favorites!  Mike bought me a Garden Claw with a really long handle.  I've wanted one for ever!  Today was the first time I used it and I absolutely LOVE it!  It made pulling weeds so EASY!  Don't know how I ever got along with out it!  I added pansy's to my garage flower bed and transplanted a miniture bleeding heart from another flower bed.  Then I moved on to the pansy flower bed and weeded it.  Then off to the white fence flower bed that was nothing but grass.  One one of my plants made it through the winter but the grab grass was very happy here.  I weeded and added flowers and the Bee Balm my friend Sara gave me.  Then I moved on to the front yard flower bed.  More azelea's here, so I weeded and added flowers.  By this time it was 6:30p.m.  My back is killing me and my knees are aching terribly.  Well no rest, time to make supper.  I threw two steaks on the grill with baked potatoes, cleaned some fresh green beans and sautted up some onions for the steak.  Boy was it good.  Then off to shower and then on to the Internet to share my day with all of you.  Below I have taken pictures of my flower beds that are complete so far.  I still have 4 more flower beds and 5 flower boxes to do.  Not to mention the Vegetable garden.  I will plant that Memorial Day week as the company I work for will be on shut down.  Yep a forced vacation without pay.  That's ok, I have so much to do, I could use the time off.  Well my head can't wait to hit my pillow.  Good night all!

Today's Project Side of Garage

Front Yard Garden

Very Happy Azelea

Pansy's around Lamp Post

Pansy Garden

Bee Balm has a new home!

Can't wait for my head to hit the pillows, Boomers tired too!

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