Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 4 Shut Down

Sorry I didn't return last night but my Internet was down most of the afternoon and all night but we are up and running again.  I woke up around 8a.m. feeling better than yesterday.  So I  dressed and took the doggies for a walk.  Then I through in a load of laundry  and decided to wash the floors in the downstairs.  From here it was time to go outside.  I decided to cut the grass today.  When I was finished, I wasn't feeling that great so I took an early shower hoping that would do the trick, it didn't.  I had an errand to do, when I got back, I changed into my yard cloths but just didn't have the energy to do any work, so here I am blogging.

Back Yard

Side/Front yard with House

Side of Driveway Near Shed

Sparkle enjoying the freshly cut grass!
I also finished stitching a Christmas present last night!  Can't share a picture until after Christmas because she follows my blog!  Now what tot stitch tonight.  I hope I have the energy to stitch and no headache would be nice!  Don't forget to watch the Boston Bruins Hockey game tomorrow night starting at 8p.m.!

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