Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 2 of Shut Down Week

Well the dogs woke me at 7:30a.m. I guess they felt I slept long enough. I got up and took them out. Decided to do a load of laundry, once that was going, I fed the dogs and cats. Then I decided to sit and stitch for a while well a while turned into 2 hours before I knew it, it was 10 a.m. better get breakfast going. Woke up Mike and we had scrambled eggs and toast. Then out to the yard. Worked on what use to be a round flower bed but now it ahs a weird shape. You see this flower bed had a telephone pole in it when we first moved in but March of 2010, we were notified that they would be replacing the pole. Well two months went by and no new pole. So we called and were told they had up to a year after our notification to change the pole. So we decided it best not to plant here. Well I also decided not to weed it at all last year, I was protesting! Well March 2011 came and went still no pole. Well about 6 weeks ago we say our road marked by Dig Safe, so we knew it would be happening soon and it did. But they didn't take the original pole but they added a second one.  Go figure, now we have two pole in our front yard.  So part of yesterday and told I spent weeding, then planting, then adding mulch and here is the finish product.

Telephone Pole garden

Flower Barrel

1st Rose of the Season
Green Bell Pepper Plant
Cherry Tomato Plant

Butternut Squash Plant

Big Boy Tomato Plant

So from here I moved on to the area near our shed. We have a maple tree here and nothing grows but weeds. So today I started pulling up the weeds getting it read for mulch. Next to this area I have a flowerbed that also needs to TLC I plan on working it tomorrow if the weather permits.

Below is the area that I will be working on tomorrow, weather permitting.  You see my shed and next to it is an area where nothing but weeds grow.  So I'm in the process of weeding it and then will add mulch and then I will move on to the flowerbed next to it.  This one just needs weeding a mulch and water added to the bird bath. 

Area between shed and flowerbed

Area near the shed

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