Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shhh! Beagles are Sleeping!

Strange weather today.This morning it warmed up, by noon it was cool again and this afternoon the sun was out! The beagles and I went for a nice walk in the fresh air and sunshine. They are now asleep on the couch. Wonder how long that will last. I know as soon as I get up from this computer they will be up and following me around the house. Suppose to rain on and off Friday and Saturday but be a beautiful sunny day On Mothers Day!

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webbsway said...

I don't know were you went to dear friend . I just found you and Love the pictures of your animals . Just wondered if you might want to pop back in to blogging land and update how the pups and kitties are and if you finished that cat project you was working on. I know you are special because your heart is. hugs from the US