Sunday, June 3, 2012

Farewell Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty passed over Rainbow Bridge, Saturday evening.  In 2004 my grandmother passed away and we took in Miss Kitty.  She had never been around other animals and over time she adjusted well to the two dogs and 6 other cats in our house.  We now have only two dogs and two indoor cats left.  Boomer and Fluffy and Cady and Sparkle will miss Miss Kitty.  Boomer has been upset all night, hitting me with his tail and putting his ears back when I try to pick him up.  Fluffy has been searching the rooms looking for Miss Kitty.  Cady and Sparkle will miss her too.  She prr'd until the end.  She was such a sweet little cat.  She was like carrying a football in your arms she was so lite.  She loved to talk to you at night.  What I think I'll miss the most about her is our evening chats before bed.  Good-Bye little one.

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Stitching Noni said...

Oh Debbie, that is so sad to hear. I really feel for you on the loss of Miss Kitty. She looks like a lovely friend & you will all miss her. Your memories of her will stay with you foreveout& you will still have her in spirit around you. It's funny how when they go it is the little things that you miss - like the bedtime chats. Take care, hugs xxx