Monday, July 4, 2011

Lets talk Cross Stitch for a Minute

Ok, back in December I purchase this cute little kit that I thought would make a wonderful gift for a co-worker of mine.  Well to say the list it was a challenge.  I would work on it and then put it aside and then work on it again.  Well over the last 3 weeks I really made some head way but I broke one of my BIGGEST rules!  When will I learned.

I usually mark my charts with a color pencil.  This way I know what I've stitched.  Well this time I was using a yellow highlighter.  Last night I took the fabric out to work on it and OMG!  The cover came off the highligher and the marker bled all over the fabric!  It's ruined.  Even stitching over the area's won't work.  I'm so mad at myself!  I should know better.

Well today I'm feeling better as I went through my stash and found something else to stitch for this person.  Now if you make rules for yourself you should stick to them.  MY #1 Cross Stitch Rule is NO HIGHLIGHTERS EVER!  NO EXCEPTS!  Color pencils only!

No I hope I have learned my lesson this time!

Happy Stitching to all!

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Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

This also happened to me, so I know exactly how you feel. I soaked mine in clear cool water, all yellow disappeared, turned out beautifully. Maybe others here will have a better tip for you. I now mark with colored pencils too:) Hope all is not lost and good luck.