Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Woke up Skank when I drove in the Driveway

He doesn't look to happy that he lost some beauty sleep!

Stumps and roots of trees uprooted by tornado June 1 2011
Well tonight is old car night as I told you last week but I got out of work late so I missed all the cars!  When I got home I think I woke up Skank.  He was asleep on the sidewalk.  Remember back on June 1st, Western Massachusetts experience a Tornado, well here is a picture of the staging  area in Wilbraham, next to Spec Pond, where Monson and Springfield are bringing all the trees that came down.  They have trucks running in and out of here all day long.  They have a HUGE wood chipper!  You should see the pile of wood chips, but I couldn't take a picture of them as all these tree stumps with roots are now blocking the view.

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