Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shut Down Day 5 Tornao and Severe Thunderstoms in the area!

Here is a news link on the Tornado that touched down in Springfield Mass.

Its hard to believe how beautiful the day was, it was hot  and humid with lots and lots of sunshine.  I have a sunburn to prove it.

The while balls  are hale the size of Ice Cubes

Hale in the grass

Hale falling in the street

A piece of hale that fell on my deck

Heavy rain From my front porch

Hale in the Grass

View of a tree 1 street away, the gray is actually how it looked

Heavy Rain from my porch

Mean Sky

Mean looking clouds


Stitching Cat said...

hope you are okay and didn't have too much damage. The news reports look horrible.

Stitching Noni said...

Hi Debbie, hope you are all ok. Amazing pictures! Weather can be so beautiful and so devasting all at the same time!

I'm Debbie ~ Welcome and Thank You for taking a peek at my blog! said...

Yep, we are ok. We are about 20 miles from Springfield where it hit really bad but Monson is right next door to me and they got hit hard too. Our emergency team went to help them and we opened one of our schools as a shelter for the people of Monson. We watch the late news at 11p.m. and the pictures were just horrible! I have an Aunt and Uncle in Springfield and luckily they are fine!