Thursday, June 9, 2011

One More Day of Work Before the Weekend Begins!

I think I'll think of it as 8 hours to go.  That sounds like less time then one day!  Yep, I live for the weekend!
Tomato Plant with two small green tomato's!

Summer Squash!

Pickling Cucumbers!
I'm so excited!  I took a walk over to my garden and guess what I found??  My tomato plant now has two tomato's, my summer squash is breaking through the soil and my pickling cucumber have popped up too!  It was hot and humid yesterday and it rained most of the day today, I guess that's what did it!  I love watching my garden develop and I really love eating all the fresh veggies!

About 4:30p.m. the sky turned really dark, you would have thought it was midnight.  We had one mean thunderstorm!  It poured so hard that I didn't leave work until the storm was almost past.  I wish I had brought my camera with me today, the clouds would have made so really cool pictures to share with you.  The bad part was that I was following it toward my house!  My pour  dogs and cats were very upset by the time I got home.  Cady was pacing and Sprakle was hidding in the bathroom.  Fluffy and Boomer were going nuts in the bedroom.  Everyone calmed down about 30 minutes after I got home.  Now everyone is asleep must be from the stress of the storm.  Well its time to go watch Hogan's Hero's!  Do you remember this show.  We own the complete DVD set.  I hope to find time to cross stitching this weekend.  I want to work on Just Nan's Flakes!  I'm so made at myself, I left my stitching at work today, so no stitching tonight!

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