Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do you remember Shut Down Week?

Well if you do, then you remember that I wasn't feeling good, well guess what, I'm still sick.  I went to the Doctor on Monday and she didn't know what to think so she is treating my symptoms.  I have a cough that won't stop, so we have prescription cough syrup, you know the kind that you have to have valid I.D. for the pharmacy to give you.  Then she gave me an antibotic and an inhaler.  Well been on this stuff for a little over 24 hours still feel bad, but I know it takes time.  Hopefully I'll be much better by this coming weekend.  Last weekend I felt so bad that I sat on the couch all weekend like a potato, I couldn't even find the energy to cross stitch.  I have gathered a few pictures to share with you.  Here they are:

Here is a silly Robin that just loves the roof of my house.  From all the singing, I think there is a nest close by.

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