Thursday, April 14, 2011

This years Gardens so far!

1st Dandelion of the year!  Not to happy about this!
This is a preview of my garden's before I start working on them.  The Dandelion has to go!  We won't stand for this.  One leads to another and another and another.  The bleeding heart has a ways to go but its my favorite.  People tell me that pansy's aren't suppose to come back year after year but mine do!

Does anyone know what the blue flower is?  It was in my neighbors front yard so I took a picture of it.  I think its beautiful.   If I can find out what it is, then I can plant some!  Got to start thinking about vegetables this year.  Maybe tomatoes, green beans, pickling cucumbers, butternut squash, lettuce.  Well that will take up a lot of my space.  Will have to figure out if I have any room for cherry tomatoes!
Last year's Pansy's

My Bleeding Heart is coming in nicely!

Anybody know what this is?
I love the color!

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