Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!

Well its Friday evening and the weekend has begun!  Had a pork roast cooking in the crock pot all day.  I love when I come home from work to the smell of a roast cooking!  It was delicious with mashed potato's, apple sauce and butternut squash!  Been going through my things and found a couple of projects that I stared and forgot about.  One was a Dolly Mama called creative mood.  I changed the hair color on her to match mine.  I have a really good start on this one.  I also found Woods behind my House.  I love this one, I can't believe I put it down and forgot about it.  So when I finish my current projects, I'm going to pick up these.  After the last two beautiful days, the cold weather is back.  A little earlier we had thunder, lighting and hail!  The weather sure has been crazy since 2011 started and its only the middle of February.  I wonder what the rest of the year will bring.  Well got to go and relax and do some stitching.  Till next time.

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